Travel luggage insurance

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Under the contract, the following can be insured:
An accident that took place during the insurance period and documented total loss, partial damage, loss of luggage, resulting from:
- natural disasters: storms, hail, floods, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides, etc.;
- fire, lightning strike, explosion, measures taken to extinguish the fire;
- theft, robbery, robbery;
- an accident or catastrophe with a vehicle or an accident with the Insured;
- intentional damage to luggage by third parties.
Damage is compensated in the following order:
- in case of complete loss or partial loss of baggage - in the amount of its actual value, minus the amount of the deductible franchise;
- in case of partial damage to luggage - in the amount of repair costs, minus the amount of the deductible franchise.
The total loss of baggage occurs if the repair costs exceed the actual value of the baggage specified at the conclusion of the Insurance Agreement.