Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance

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Under the insurance agreement the followings can be insured:

The Insured’s property interests in case of occurrence of his liability for damages to be legally compensated by the Insured as a result of Customer's claims submitted to the Insured and then passed to the Company within insurance and waiting period for any true and confirmed negligence, errors or omissions of the Insured made in the process of carrying out his professional activities and bearing unintentional and unpredictable character.

The procedure for insurance indemnity payment:

The fact and amount of damage must be documentarily confirmed by competent authorities (court decisions, conclusions of state control and supervision bodies, law enforcement agencies, experts and expert commissions).

If during concurrent indemnification of damage by a number of claims to several persons the amount of damage exceeds the insurance amount under Agreement the insurance indemnity is paid for each insurance event in proportion of amount of damage to the insurance amount under Agreement.

The Company shall pay insurance indemnity within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of signing the Accident Report.