Forwarders Professional Liability Insurance

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Under the insurance agreement the followings can be insured:

The Insured’s Liability as a forwarder towards the cargo owner in accordance with FIATA requirements for the cargo safety from the moment of accepting cargo under its responsibility and until the moment determined by the contract with the cargo owner;

Responsibility for the timely delivery of goods;

The Insured’s costs and expenses for settlement of claims made by the written consent of the Company,

provided that:

a) all permits and licenses necessary for forwarding and transporting have been received;
b) when performing the forwarding, FIATA documents and forms are used filled in accordance with the instructions of the AIFUz Directorate.
The insurance event is:

Actually taken place event stipulated by insurance agreement upon occurrence of which the Company is obliged to pay insurance indemnity to the Insured or to the third parties, resulted from professional negligence, error or omission of the Insured, its personnel and agents acting in the course of their duties, or any other people whose services were used by the Insured to perform the contract, evidenced by the specific FIATA bill of lading, as if these actions or omissions would be the Insured’s own ones.

The Company shall pay insurance indemnity to the Insured/Beneficiary within 10 (ten) days from the date of signing the Accident Report.