Employer’s Civil Liability Obligatory Insurance

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Under the insurance agreement the followings can be insured:

The employer’s property interests in case of occurrence of its civil liability for compensation of harm caused to the life or health of employee related to industrial injury, occupational disease or other damage to health of employee regarding the performance of their work duties.

The insurance indemnity under obligatory insurance agreement is paid in the form of:

- monthly payment as a percentage of the injured’s average monthly salary before the injury corresponding to degree their professional working ability loss or occupational disease identification;

- monthly payment in the amount of the deceased’s average monthly salary minus share attributable to them and the employable persons who were their dependents but were not entitled to compensation for the harm caused;

- payment to the injured or beneficiary of lump sum allowance in cases established by the legislation;

- funeral expenses determined by obligatory insurance agreement in the amount of no more than 3 times the minimum wage established by the law on the day of death, in case of death of the employee;

- Compensation for the employer’s additional expenses in accordance with the legislation.