Civil Liability Obligatory Insurance for Causing Harm to the Life, Health and (or) Property of Other Parties and Environment in Case of Accident at Dangerous Production Facilities

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Under the insurance agreement the followings can be insured:

The Insured’s property interests in case of occurrence of its civil liability for compensation of harm to the life, health and (or) property of other parties and environment in case of accident at hazardous production facility operated by the insured

The procedure for insurance indemnity payment:

The amount of insurance indemnity (insurance amount) payment is determined by the Company on the basis of act of technical investigation of causes of accident, court decisions and other documents containing data on the causes and circumstances of occurrence of the insurance event, including the amount of damage caused to other parties.

Insurance indemnity (insurance amount) payment is carried out within the established insurance amount specified in the insurance agreement.

Insurance indemnity (insurance amount) payment is made directly to the injured. Reimbursement of expenses for minimization of losses is directly made to the Insured. Insurance indemnity (insurance amount) payment is carried out within 10 working days from the date of signing the Accident Report.