Construction and Erection Risks Obligatory Insurance

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In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 532 dated by 20th December 1999 the insurance company protects:

The Insured’s (Beneficiary’s) property interests causing material damage directly from the following risks:

a) fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft fall, spontaneous combustion;
b) theft and malicious acts of the third parties;
c) flood and inundation, pipes breakage; storm, hurricane;
d) earthquake, mudflow, avalanches, soil subsidence, landslide, landslip;
e) short circuit, overvoltage, electric arcs;
e) machines and mechanisms, building materials and structures fall;
g) damage from the inconscient use of defective materials and structures.

The Insured’s property interests in case of occurrence of loss which the Insured bears civil liability for:

a) harm to the life, health of third parties;
b) losses or damages caused to the third parties’ property caused by the performance of construction or erection works insured under the agreement at the construction site itself or in immediate proximity to it during the insurance period. Other optional services.