My Health Individuals Accident Insurance Policy

Under the insurance agreement there can be insured:

Sudden event beyond control of the Insured Person externally affecting the Insured Person’s body and causing traumatic injury or other health disorder, death of the Insured person as a result of accident.

Under other health disorder it is understood:

- bodily injury from burns, explosions, lightning or electric shock;

-intoxication by poisonous plants, chemicals, medicines, food and/or burns caused by inhalation or contact with poisonous and/or burning substances, steam or gases;

- frostbite, drowning, attack by intruders, animals or insects bite, sunstroke, accidental inhalation of foreign bodies, anaphylactic shock as well as injuries sustained during the vehicles (cars, trains, etc.) movement or their crash during use of cars, mechanisms and all kinds of tools.

The damage is compensated in the following order:

The Insurer independently makes payment to medical institutions’ accounts for services rendered to the Insured Person, including doctor’s call to accident place, hospitalization and medicines.

If the Insured Person receives insurance indemnity according to the Payment Table, he/she is not entitled to receive services in medical institution for this insurance event.

In case of the Insured Person’s death as a result of accident, insurance compensation is paid to his/her heirs in the amount of 100% of insurance amount for medical expenses less previously paid amounts.

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