My Business Sole Proprietor Insurance Policy

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Under the insurance agreement there can be insured:

- Damage to the Insured’s health or death as a result of accident occurred within insurance period;

- the Insured’s loss of daily average income as a result of the Insured's inpatient treatment by dispatcher’s referral in case of accident occurred within insurance period.

The damage is compensated in the following order:

The Insurer independently makes payment to medical institutions’ accounts for services rendered to the Insured, including doctor’s call to accident place, hospitalization and medicines.

If the Insured receives insurance indemnity according to the Payment Table, he/she is not entitled to receive services in medical institution for this insurance event.

In case of the Insured’s death, insurance indemnity shall be paid to the Beneficiary in the amount of insurance amount less previously paid amounts.

In case of income loss - in the amount of daily average income for each day of the Insured's stay in medical institution within insurance amount set for income loss.

The insurance indemnity by the Payment Table of and/or income loss shall be paid within 15 days.