Individuals’ Property Insurance

Under the insurance agreement there can be insured:


The Insured or the Beneficiary’s property interests related to the risk of loss, destruction or damage to property. The insurance agreement may be concluded from all risks or any combination thereof:

Fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, landslide, landslip, mudflow, flood, storm/hurricane.

The company pays indemnity for the insured property that was destroyed or damaged as a result of storm/hurricane if the destruction or damage resulted from:

direct impact of storm/hurricane;

falling from storm/hurricane of parts of buildings, trees on the insured property or on the buildings in which it is located.

The damage is compensated in the following order:

- in case of the complete destruction (loss) of the property - in the amount of the actual value of this property as of the date of conclusion of the insurance agreement but not more than the insurance amount;

- In case of damage to all or part of the property - in the amount of recovery costs but not more than the insurance amount for each part of the property.

Recovery costs include:

- expenses for supplies and spare parts for repair (restoration);

- expenses for repair work;

- expenses for delivery of supplies to the repair site necessary to restore the insured property to the state it was before occurrence of insurance event.


The amount of insurance indemnity is determined taking into account the deductible after deduction of amounts received by the Insured or the Beneficiary.