Combined Medical Insurance

Under the insurance agreement there can be insured:

The Insured Person’s property interests in:

- reimbursing expenses for medical services;

- paying insurance indemnity in case of infectious disease.

The damage is compensated in the following order:

In medical institution, the Insured Person addresses medical staff to which he/she was sent. Medical staff prepares health-statistical card for the Insured Person. The card lists all medical services received by the Insured Person in this medical institution. The Insured Person must sign for all medical services received otherwise the Company will not pay for expenses to the medical institution.

If the Insured Person needs medical services he/she must contact call center of Company’s Assistance Service to receive appointment at the medical institution by number indicated in Insurance Policy and follow the operator’s instructions.

The Insured Person is provided with medical services within Insurance Program in medical institution by instructions of Company's Assistance Service upon presenting Insurance Policy and passport.

After receiving by the Insured Person of medical services, the Company independently pays the accounts of medical institutions for the services rendered within the limits of personal insurance amount for medical care.

In case of infectious disease, the Insured Person must apply to the Company in written within 30 (thirty) days after diagnosis to receive insurance indemnity.

When presenting claim to the Company for insurance indemnity in case of infectious disease, the Insured Person must provide the following documents:

- application for payment indicating the name of medical institution in which the treatment was carried out;

- extract from the medical history issued in prescribed form and indicating exact clinical diagnosis and date of hospitalization;

- Insurance policy;

- Identity document.

In case of infectious disease in the following amount:

The total amount of insurance payments for infectious diseases might not exceed the personal insurance amount for infectious diseases specified in Appendix 1 to Agreement.

Insurance payment for infectious diseases is carried out within 15 (fifteen) days after receipt of all necessary documents on insurance event.

Each payment made by the Company to cover expenses for medical services, as well as insurance payments for infectious disease, reduces the insurance amount for corresponding coverage by the amount of such payment.